Pollock, Behind you!

Pollock, Behind you!

A few years ago I saw a movie about Jackson Pollock which was some kind of loosely biography about his life and his art.

After watching the movie I felt compelled to check out a little more about his art. Suddenly it was important to me to understand what makes his art so great not out of spite but out of respect. Closely observing of his work tends to draw you into the painting. Makes you feel the artists hand gestures trying to build a non composition.

creating something that never been done before- an artist who doesn’t use the familiar and traditional tools such as a painters brushes and acrylic or oil paint but rather chooses industry tools and paint.

Pollock actually broke the mold of traditional painting by merging worlds and creating of new technique creating Chaos on a canvas.

Only after I realized it I felt compelled to try it- since there’s no better way to understand something than to experience it yourself.

I bought a canvas, “robbed” my dad’s paint, looked up for chopsticks or any sticks in that matter and begun to work.

First I felt confused since I  didn’t really know how to use it- drag the stick on the canvas, move my hand, my wrist, so I tool another glimpse at my inspiration and decided to just go all the way whether if it’s right or wrong.

I was drawn to the making, the painting had a life of his own and I let him to lead me to unknown territories.

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About ArTour

My name is Dana Goldring. Ever since I was a teenager I was fascinated by art throughout all of its colors- writing, painting, drawing, sculpturing and more. As the years went by I stood in front of a cross road and as oppose to Frost who was forced to choose only one road I fought to march them both- I chose the road most traveled. But all along I kept practicing my art on low gear. ArTour was created to fulfill a youthful dream of being an artist who can support his own art. Winning any struggle along the way without obligations except for one: being true to your art. Hopefully this dream will grow and succeed with your help and Etsy as a world wide platform to show my art. ArTour is my way to explore with you different kinds of art. This blog will be used as a small art guide and also as a platform to show my own works. My goal as an artist is to experience a variety of movements through art and to translate these techniques into my own art. So come on lets Enjoy the ride! Check out my own art at: www.artour.etsy.com
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3 Responses to Pollock, Behind you!

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  2. sharon says:

    pollock with borders 🙂

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