Breaking the limits

Breaking the limits

Usually abstract art is underrated or misunderstood.

I believe that the main reason for this is our strong need to hold on to a familiar image.

Which instantly happen in a realistic painting for instance or while gazing at clouds.

We are eager to see an image that we can recognize.

Al though painting may seem as an easy task while you don’t need to make a mimesis of an image

It’s actually even harder to use a form with a form.

When you try painting without limits, without contour how do you when does the art begins and where it ends?

How can you really know if a painting is done? How can you interpret?

Abstract art seemingly raises many questions and doesn’t necessarily gives an answer.

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About ArTour

My name is Dana Goldring. Ever since I was a teenager I was fascinated by art throughout all of its colors- writing, painting, drawing, sculpturing and more. As the years went by I stood in front of a cross road and as oppose to Frost who was forced to choose only one road I fought to march them both- I chose the road most traveled. But all along I kept practicing my art on low gear. ArTour was created to fulfill a youthful dream of being an artist who can support his own art. Winning any struggle along the way without obligations except for one: being true to your art. Hopefully this dream will grow and succeed with your help and Etsy as a world wide platform to show my art. ArTour is my way to explore with you different kinds of art. This blog will be used as a small art guide and also as a platform to show my own works. My goal as an artist is to experience a variety of movements through art and to translate these techniques into my own art. So come on lets Enjoy the ride! Check out my own art at:
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