Work in progress

Last night I felt like painting-

A great passion of mine which tends to be pushed aside unfortunally since I work way more than 9 to 5..

this week I was ill so I had the chance to review my life and it turns out that I missing a lot!

I kinda became a mini workaholic and I’m ashamed to think I became this boring person who always brag about his job and got nothing else on his mind..

well, I just couldn’t let that happen so I started making a few changes.

I recently saw this video clip by Matt Cutts and it inspired me to make those changes

One of them was last night that I chose to continue an old painting of mine you can see here it’s process

Dana Goldring

Dana Goldring

Dana Goldring

Dana GoldringMy greatest challenage right now, or to be  exact my current challenge is painting a dog..

that’s the beginning my work is still in progress –

one of the reasons that I kept it to myself until now is described beautifully

by Derek Sivers

See yeah soon,

Dana ūüôā

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Yes, definitely- Only 24 hours to enjoy

Hey Guys!

I need your HELP!

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Still here?

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Thanks so much!

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Love Map

Insparation called!

find more

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Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo

Self portrait a necklace thorn and a hummingbird 

Portrait thorn necklace and a hummingbird, 1940

In the Mexican tradition the hummingbird represents a love charm, though as one may see in this painting the bird seems dead. It is tied to a thorn necklace which seems to cause her pain.

On Frida’s left shoulder there is a disturbing looking cat whom is look for the moment to leap at the bird. The monkey on her right arm will also jump in to mass as soon as it begins.

For Frida, the monkey represents a domestic animal.

In context to her life at that time the cat is intimidating and implies danger, this danger is against Frida’s love life and her perception of household stability.

This painting is built in vertical composition.

Her mono eyebrow relates to the shape of the hummingbird, where the monkey and the cat create focus upon Frida’s face.

The manner in which Khalo chose to paint herself is not a mistake but a clear feminist shout against the European culture which encourages women to look and behave in a certain manner. In that way her facial features are encrypted, at a first glimpse you might suspect that the image in the painting is a man, but Kahlo carefully puts to use feminine features around her Mexican culture motives.

It is said that when a person suffers the most, he or she tends to overcome his/hers suffering by being creative. Kahlo is an example of a person that has proven this saying to be true.

1939 was the hardest year for Kahlo,for it was the time that she and Diego Rivera split up.

This year was harder than all the years of Kahlo’s suffering.

At the age of 6 she got Polio, a few years later she was in a harsh accident, in which a bus hit the tramcar she was in, consequently a metal spire pierced her body.

Ever since she had suffered a great deal of pain and endured many surgeries, all of limited success.

She was bound to spend most of her time in bed, thus to make the best use of her time she asked a big mirror to be placed by her bedside so she could paint herself. Fifty five of her 140 paintings are self-portraits.

Later she explained that the reason is because she spent much time by herself and knows herself best.

portrait and from the movie 

To read more about Frida Kahlo

for extra information about Frida


watch the movie trailer

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Ode to Jackson Pollock

A promise is a promise!

I entered an Icon Contest in Israel.

I had to choose an Icon mine was defiantly Jackson Pollock I had no doubt!

I had to figure out how to use his own image (portrait) and also create a unique atmosphere.

So this is what I came up with-

Let me know what you think- do I stand a chance?

For more about Jackson Pollock and more about my affair with Pollock.

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A piece of the puzzle

Another piece of the Puzzle- does it puzzles you too?


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Make A mASS

hAVing fun with my puzzle? soon the complete work with it’s original stages- Behind the scenes of the artist’s work. promise!

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